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A One Story Town.jpg "A One Story Town"
Season Three, Episode Five
Directed by Bill Lawrence
Written by Kevin Biegel
Air Date - March 13, 2012 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: Welcome to [title] No, it's not just Scrubs in Florida with a lot of wine.
Previous Episode: Full Moon Fever
Next Episode: Something Big
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The gang sets up the perfect date to help Bobby in romancing Angie. Meanwhile, it's the annual Crab festival in Gulfhaven, filling the town to the brim with Quebecers.

Guest Starring[]


  • "Wave Pool" by 1,2,3
  • "Confetti" by 1,2,3
  • "Second Chances" by Robert Schwartzman
  • "Alright" by Justin James


  • Every year Gulfhaven is overrun by vacationing Quebecers during the annual crab fest.
  • Both Jules and Bobby ALWAYS laugh at the "I Got Crabs" t-shirt during the annual Gulfhaven Crab Fest.
  • Laurie reveals she is a jacuzzi baby because she was both conceived and delivered in a jacuzzi.
  • Jules lists the things the make her want to die:
    • 5. Books.
    • 4. Snakes.
    • 3. PBS
    • 2. A Capella.
    • 1. Laurie's jacuzzi baby story.
  • Andy adds the "Racing Stripe" rule to Penny Can.
  • Jules reveals some of her rankings for top kissers: #1 is Bobby, #7 is Grayson and Ellie falls somewhere between #2 and #6.
  • After Bobby and Jules first kiss, Bobby said "That was fun. Want to do it again?" and Jules fell in love with him.
  • Angie has a tattoo on her inner thigh, a Chinese character meaning "Vegas".
  • Angie loves manatees.
  • During New Year's Eve 1999, Jules and Ellie, believing the world was about to end, kissed.
  • During the final scene of the episode, Ted (Sam Lloyd) comments how Ellie and Angie (Christa Miller and Sarah Chalke) look identical to individuals Ted once worked with. After making the comment Tom Gazelian (Robert Clendenin), Chick (Ken Jenkins), the pizza guy (Zach Braff), and the pool boy (Robert Maschio) entered. All these actors worked together on Scrubs, with Sam Lloyd portraying his character, Ted, in both shows.

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