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Andy Torres
Andy Torres.jpg
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance Ongoing
Nicknames Ando,
Relatives Ellie Torres (Wife),

Stan Torres(Son),
Sam (deaf brother-in-law),
Angela Torres (Sister-in-Law),
Nestor Torres (Brother),
Rick Torres (Brother),
Stan Torres (Father, deceased),
Betsy (Mother-in-Law),

Portrayed by  Ian Gomez

— Andy Torres

Andy Torres (played by Ian Gomez) is Ellie's husband and also Jules' next door neighbor.


Andy is a devoted husband to Ellie and also a loving father to their son Stan. He loves his coffee and displays a bit of "hero worship" for Jules' ex-husband, Bobby, his best friend before and after the divorce. He displays an odd tendency to be attracted to Ellie most when she is acting snarky or is "crushing people." Often because of this they are displayed as polar opposites. Andy is a business mogul and corporate hotshot at his job, but a childlike sweetheart with family and friends. His common catchphrase is "Come on!" often his response when Ellie forbids him from doing something he wants to do, or when the others play jokes on him. During season 3, Andy expresses an interest in running for mayor and campaigns against Roger Frank, the father of Laurie's ex-boyfriend, Smith.[6] In Season 4, he learns several weeks late that he won the election and actually is the mayor of the town. Because the position has little or no authority, no one bothered to tell him about it.

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