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Baby's a Rock 'N' Roller.jpg
"Baby's a Rock 'N' Roller"
Season Two, Episode Sixteen
Directed by Michael McDonald
Written by Peter Saji
Air Date - April 20, 2011 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: Welcome To Cul-De-Sac Crew [crossed out], Cougar City [crossed out], Cougar Town (sticking with it)
Previous Episode: Walls
Next Episode: You're Gonna Get It!
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Jules and Ellie differ on whether it's more difficult to raise a baby in your 40s than in your 20s. Ellie tricks Jules into watching Baby Stan on her own for a day, but Jules is determined to prove how easy it is... especially when she's roped in Grayson to help. Meanwhile, Bobby's given the chance to play golf for free in order to train for his upcoming tournament, as long as he tees off before 6:00 a.m., and Andy volunteers to be Laurie's wingman as she puts herself back out there after her split with Smith.

Guest Starring


  • "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)" by Tokyo Police Club
  • "God Made Man" by Young The Giant
  • "Colors" by Karen DeBerg
  • "Duplicity" by Torin Rea and Erin Powers


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