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Bill Lawrence is the creator and showrunner, producer, writer, and director for Cougar Town.


Bill has won a “Future Classic” award by the TV Land cable network, a Humanitas Prize, and was nominated for a Television Critics award, two Emmy Awards and a People’s Choice Award - all in Scrubs' first season. In addition, Lawrence also received 3 Producers Guild nominations for his work on the series.

Born in Ridgefield, Connecticut, Lawrence studied creative writing at the College of William and Mary and aspired to be a writer. After he graduated, friend and television writer Norman Barasch, advised him to write for television, so he moved to Los Angeles and began working on scripts. After several months, he was signed by the managers of Jerry Seinfeld, and his career began to take off.

Lawrence wrote his first television script at the age of 22 for the comedy series Billy, starring Billy Connolly. His career began to skyrocket when he became a staff writer on NBC’s Friends during its first season. By age 26, he had teamed with Gary David Goldberg to co-create Spin City. In addition to Scrubs, Lawrence is the executive producer and co-creator of the animated television series Clone High.

After Scrubs, Bill began work on Cougar Town starring former Scrubs guest stars Courteney Cox and Christa Miller.

Lawrence currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Christa Miller, their daughter Charlotte Sarah (who voices Doozer's "bye bye"), and his two sons, William Stoddard and Henry Vanduzer.


Year Title Media Role
1993 Boy Meets World TV Writer (1 episode)
1994 The Nanny TV Writer (2 episodes)
1995 Friends TV Writer (1 episode)
1996 Champs TV Writer (2 episodes)
Spin City TV Executive Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Supervising Producer, Co-creator (145 episodes)
2001 Scrubs TV Executive Producer, Creator
2002 Clone High TV Executive Producer, Co-Creator (13 episodes)
It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie TV Movie Actor
2005 Confessions of a Dog TV Pilot Executive Producer, Writer
2006 Nobody's Watching TV Pilot Executive Producer, Writer
Alpha Mom TV Pilot Director
2009 Cougar Town TV Co-Creator, Executive Producer


Year Ceremony Award Result For
2003 Writers Guild of America WGA Award (TV) Nominated Episodic Comedy - Scrubs
2004 PGA Awards Television Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Nominated Comedy - Scrubs
2005 Emmy Awards Emmy Nominated Outstanding Comedy Series - Scrubs
2006 Emmy Awards Emmy Nominated Outstanding Comedy Series - Scrubs
PGA Awards Television Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Nominated Comedy - Scrubs

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