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Bobby Cobb
Bobby Cobb.jpg
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance Ongoing
Full Name Robert "Bobby" Cobb
Nicknames Wrong Balls
Relatives Jules Cobb (Ex-wife)
Travis Cobb (Son)
Chick (Ex-Father-in-Law)
Portrayed by  Brian Van Holt

Bobby "Wrong Balls" Cobb (portrayed by Brian Van Holt) is Jules Cobbs amiable ex-husband.


Bobby Cobb married Jules after she became pregnant at age 19. Bobby was unfaithful for years eventually leading to their divorce.[1] Bobby is a classic under-achiever who’ll test Jules' patience as they attempt to raise their teenage son, Travis.

Bobby has worked a number of jobs including cutting the grass at North Gulfhaven High School and offering private golf lessons. Recently Bobby returned to semi-professional golfing.[2] He has also come into a large sum of money by selling the rights to Penny Can.[3]


  • Bobby has invented several games, including Penny Can[4] and Domination Ball.[5]
  • Bobby's speech is sometimes very difficult to follow.[6]
  • Bobby received this nickname, "Wrong Balls", after hitting his competitors ball at a semi-professional golf tournament.[7]
  • Bobby gives his friends nicknames like: J-Bird for Jules, E-Train for Ellie, G-Man fo Grayson and T-Bone for Travis.

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