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Chalk Children
Chalk Children.jpg
First appearance "Free Fallin'"
Last appearance "Free Fallin'"
Full Name Royce, (unrevealed) & (unrevealed)
Nicknames Chalk Children, Creepy Chalk Kids
Portrayed by  Nickolas Kyriakos, Dusty Burkwell, & Dominique Dorian

The Chalk Children are three creepy homeschooled children living on/near Freeling Drive.


The "Chalk Children" are a group of three young, creepy, emotionless, dark homeschooled children living on/near Freeling Drive in Gulfhaven. They often use chalk to draw eerie/disburbing drawings neighborhood sidewalks and driveways. Its reported that they draw what they dream.[1]

Royce looking through Grayson's window

The Chalk Children began to leave ominous drawnings on Ellie and Grayson's driveways. Tom warned them about the Chalk Children. According to Tom, if one destroys/erases their chalk drawings then bad things happen (branches fall, windows break, chins disappear). The three bonded in their fear of the Chalk Children, and together scared them to prevent further graffiti on their driveways.[2]