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Ken Jenkins as Chick.jpg
First appearance "You Don't Know How It Feels"
Full Name (unrevealed)
Nicknames Chick
Relatives Bea (Wife (deceased))

Jules (Daughter)
Travis Cobb (Grandson)
Bobby Cobb (Ex-Son-in-Law)
Grayson Ellis (Son-in-Law)

Portrayed by  Ken Jenkins

Chick is Jules Cobb's father. A ranch owner from Alabama, he had Jules, his only child, with his wife Bea (deceased).


Chick is in his early 70s, and lives on his ranch in Alabama, where he lived with his wife and raised their daughter.

Some years prior ago, his wife Bea died after a long illness, which left Chick heartbroken. Her death even affected his relationship with Jules, as she reminded him too much of her mother. However, they rekindled their relationship, and have since become very close once again.

Recently, Chick complains that his memory has been worsening, and he was later diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.


  • Ken Jenkins has worked with both Bill Lawrence and Courteney Cox before as Dr. Robert Kelso on Scrubs.
  • Thus far, Chick has appeared in all seasons except the first. 
  • Chick presided over the wedding Jules and Grayson. He was ordained when asked to be the minister at their wedding.[1]

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