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Welcome to Cougarton Abbey[1]

Cougarton Abbey was a fictional 1990s British sitcom, of which the American show Cougar Town is said to be an adaptation. It featured a small circle of friends who live in an Abbey including Cinjin, Diedre, and two other characters. They enjoyed drinking tea and conversing about the various happenings in the area. The show only lasted for six episodes. The main characters learn that the Barrister had foreclosed Cougarton Abbey, and in response they all decided to commit suicide by drinking hemlock.[2]

Cougarton Abbey first appeared on the first episode of Communitiy's third season, "Biology 101".[3]

As a nod to Community, the Season Three episode Square One's opening sequence subtitle of reads "Welcome to Cougarton Abbey".[4]


  • Watch Abed's obsession with Cougarton Abbey here.