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Full Moon Fever.jpg "Full Moon Fever"
Season Three, Episode Four
Directed by Courteney Cox
Written by Sanjay Shah
Air Date - March 6, 2012 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: Your Name Isn't That Great Either
Previous Episode: Lover's Touch
Next Episode: A One Story Town
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When bicycle teens invade the cul-de-sac, Jules and Andy fight over who is "king" of the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Bobby falls for Travis' photography teacher (guest star Sarah Chalke); Laurie begins a new relationship with a soldier through Twitter.

Guest Starring[]


  • "New Lipstick" by The Kissaway Trail
  • "Kiss Me, I'm Drunk" by Valley Lodge
  • "Over It" by Valley Lodge
  • "I Still Believe" by Karen DeBerg
  • "Something to Believe" by David Choi


  • This episode marks the directorial debut of Courteney Cox.
  • This is the 50th episode of the series.
  • Wade is mentioned for the first time in this episode, but Edwin Hodge does not appear.
  • A new mall has been recently built behind Freeling Drive.

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