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The opening sequence map of Florida showing the location of Gulf Haven, Cougar Town

Gulfhaven is small fictional town in Sarasota County on the west coast of Florida. Gulfhaven is sometimes nicknamed "Cougar Town" because of the North Gulfhaven High School's mascot, the cougar.[1][2] Gulfhaven is the hometown of all the main characters.


  • The North Gulfhaven High School's mascot is the cougar.[3][4]
  • The Gulfhaven zip code is 32689.
  • The fictional Gulfhaven is only a 20 minute drive away from the real world city Sarasota, where Travis attends college.[5]
  • According to Jules' drivers license, her address is 9836 Freeling Drive, Gulfhaven, FL 32689.[6]
  • According to Ellie's drivers license, her address is 4027 Freeling Drive, Gulfhaven, FL 32689.[7]

Tom's Gulfhaven Memorial Hospital ID badge

  • Gulfhaven is sometimes misspelled as two words (Gulf Haven), but according to Tom's hospital ID badge[8], Bobby Cobbs boat, Jealous Much?, and the high school, Gulfhaven is in fact one word.
  • Every year Gulfhaven is overrun by vacationing Quebecers during the annual crab fest.[9]