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I Need to Know.jpg "I Need to Know"
Season Four, Episode Two
Directed by Courteney Cox
Written by Chrissy Pietrosh & Jessica Goldstein
Air Date - January 15, 2013 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: The letters in...[title] can be rearranged to spell "Taco Rug Now" (which also makes no sense).
Previous Episode: Blue Sunday
Next Episode: Between Two Worlds
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Jules excuses Travis from "family night", but is worried by his extended absence. Meanwhile, Ellie finds success in training Andy like a dog, and the guys try to grow mustaches like Tom Selleck

Guest Starring[]


  • "Have A Little Faith" by Michael Franti & Spearhead


  • Hashtags: #thingsthatannoyellie
  • Pornography is named after the instrument used to measure arousal: the pornograph. Fact.
  • Grayson named his chest "The Truth" and his back "Justice".
  • Laurie reveals another Twitter handle: the Glarmy, the gay Laurie's army.
  • Tom's cat is named Snowball though she is colored gray.

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