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Laurie Keller
Laurie Keller.jpg
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance Ongoing
Full Name Laurie Keller
Nicknames Jellybean, Jelly, Mongo, Manhands, Bubbles
Relatives Sheila Keller (Mother)

Bobby Cobb (baby) (Son)
Travis Cobb (Boyfriend/future husband)

Portrayed by  Busy Philipps

"What, what!"
— Laurie Keller

Laurie Keller (portrayed by Busy Philipps) is one of Jules Cobb's best-friends. Known for her fun-loving personality and often wild lifestyle, Laurie frequently butts heads with Jules' longtime best friend Ellie Torres.


Laurie grew up in Florida, being bounced around the foster care system. She eventually began working for Jules Cobb as her assistant at her real estate company.

Krazy Kakes by Laurie Keller

After being persuaded by Grayson, she started Krazy Kakes by Laurie Keller and stopped working for Jules. Her latest menu consists of Lady Bug cake, Bunny cake, Gayke, Unicorn cake, Mermaid cake, Pregnant Mermaid cake, Wizard Hat cake, Puppy cake, Bruce Willis cake, Alan Rickman cake, Burrito cake, and Boob-shaped cupcakes.


  • One of Laurie's self disclosed hobbies is taking young men's virginity.
  • Laurie once worked as a car model.[1]
  • Laurie's official Twitter page is titled "TheLarmy", short for The Laurie's Army.

    Cheers to all you Jelly Beans out there

    • Laurie also maintains a Twitter geared specifically towards gay men titled "TheGlarmy", short for The Gay Laurie's Army.
  • One of Laurie's catchphrases is "What, what!" accompanied by a raising the roof arm/hand gesture.
  • Had a horse named Limp Bizkit ("cause, he rocked!")
  • Born 1982.
  • Laurie and Travis are now dating
  • Laurie shares the same name as a real life children's book author/illustrator, who worked on books such as The Scrambled States of America, Arnie The Doughnut, and Potato Pants.

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