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Lonesome Sundown.jpg
"Lonesome Sundown"
Season Two, Episode Eighteen
Directed by Bruce Leddy
Written by Sanjay Shah & Blake McCormick
Air Date - May 4, 2011 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: Sorry, we still cringe at the title
Previous Episode: You're Gonna Get It!
Next Episode: Damaged by Love
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Although she realizes Travis could be making one of the biggest decisions in his life, Jules takes a step back. Meanwhile, Grayson tries to take an interest in Travis, and the gang establishes a "council" to determine each other's punishment in an attempt to stop taking each other for granted.

Guest Starring


  • "About Today" by The National
  • "Never Enough" by Dirty Vegas
  • "Midnight Ride" by Jayson Belt


  • "The Council" is formed to punish offending members of The Cul-de-Sac Crew, and later disbanded.
  • It's revealed that Kevin is an all state linebacker nicknamed "Pancake".
  • It's revealed that Stan Torres' middle name is Hector.
  • Travis proposes to Kirsten, but she declines.
  • Little Richard is introduced as Lauries punishment for creating "The Council".
  • Its revealed that Grayson once made and sold jewelry while living in South Beach; he even made some for Lou Diamond Phillips.

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