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Lover's Touch.jpg "Lover's Touch"
Season Three, Episode Three
Directed by Michael McDonald
Written by Michael McDonald
Air Date - February 28, 2012 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle:
Its Not The Simpsons Chalkboard Bit,
Its Not The Simpsons Chalkboard Bit,
Its Not The Simpsons Chalkboard Bit,
Previous Episode: A Mind With a Heart of Its Own
Next Episode: Full Moon Fever
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Jules spends all her time on wedding plans until an accident lands Travis in the hospital; a new game turns dangerous.

Guest Starring[]


  • "Daydream" by Taddy Porter
  • "Here to Stay" by The Wellspring
  • "Missing" by The Wellspring
  • "Pictures" by Benjamin Francis Leftwich


Tom's Gulfhaven Memorial Hospital ID badge

  • A lot of information about Tom is revealed in this episode:
    • Tom has two children:
      • Bryce, who's serving in the U.S. Marines.
      • Hayley, who's in law school.
    • Tom has been neighbor's with Jules for 12 years.
    • Tom's last name is finally revealed: Gazelian.
    • Tom is the head neurosurgeon at Gulfhaven Memorial Hospital.
  • One goof in the episode is Tom's ID badge says it was issued on May 21st, 2012 and expires on May 20th, 2009 (three years earlier).
  • Jules speed dial is revealed:
  • When Andy needs some affection, he goes to a dog park to play.
  • Jules coins the term "Awatt" meaning "All Wedding, All The Time".
  • Bobby develops the game Dominion Ball.

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