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Cougar Town Season Four

The fourth season of Cougar Town, an American sitcom that airs on TBS, began airing on January 8, 2013. Season four regular cast members include Courteney Cox, Christa Miller, Busy Phillips, Brian Van Holt, Dan Byrd, Ian Gomez and Josh Hopkins. The sitcom was created by Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel. This is the first season to air on TBS.


On May 10, 2012, It was announced that Cougar Town would move from ABC to TBS for its fourth season. The station will also air repeats of the ABC telecasts. Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel have stepped down as showrunners while Ric Swartzlander took over the role of showrunner during season four. However, Lawrence and Biegel remain as executive producers and consultants.

Watch news of the station move here.

Cougar Town season four cast

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The main cast will all be returning to reprise their roles.

Main Cast


  • Ken Jenkins as Chick
  • Shirley Jones as Anne McCormick
  • Maria Thayer by Lisa Riggs
  • Sawyer Ever as Stan Torres
  • Brad Morris as Jerry
  • Nicole Sullivan as Lynn Mettler

It was announced in November 2012 that Shirly Jones will guest star as Anne, one half of a couple that agrees to purchase Grayson's former house under the condition that they be welcomed into The Cul-de-Sac Crew. Tippi Hedren will guest star as herself in the season finale, as the group attempts to cheer up Jules' father by tracking down one of his favorite movie stars.


Blue Sunday.jpg   "Blue Sunday"
  Aired: Jan. 8, 2013
  Directed by: Courteney Cox - Written by: Bill Lawrence

  Summary: Jules and Grayson are in their first week of marriage, but it's not all wedded bliss for the latter, who has a lot to learn about being Jules' husband. Meanwhile, Bobby tries giving fatherly advice to Travis after he turns 21, and Ellie and Laurie console a depressed Jules when Grayson won't apologize for what he did in her dream.

I Need to Know.jpg   "I Need to Know"
  Aired: Jan. 15, 2013
  Directed by: Courteney Cox - Written by: Chrissy Pietrosh & Jessica Goldstein

  Summary: Jules excuses Travis from "family night", but is worried by his extended absence. Meanwhile, Ellie finds success in training Andy like a dog, and the guys try to grow mustaches like Tom Selleck.

Between Two Worlds.jpg   "Between Two Worlds"
  Aired: Jan. 22, 2013
  Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Kevin Biegel

  Summary: Jules frets about a lack of passion in her marriage to Grayson, but input from Ellie makes their relationship almost too hot to handle. Meanwhile, Laurie helps Travis locate his inner hero, and Bobby tries out a new personality.

I Should Have Known It.jpg   "I Should Have Known It"
  Aired: Jan. 29, 2013
  Directed by: Michael McDonald - Written by: Melody Derloshon

  Summary: When Tom gets a new girlfriend (Ali Wentworth), Jules and Laurie suspect she is a golddigger and decide to investigate. Bobby goes on a fake date with Ellie to improve his table manners, and after getting fed up with the girls' rules, Andy and Grayson rebel.

Runnin' Down A Dream.jpg   "Runnin' Down A Dream"
  Aired: Feb. 5, 2013
  Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Justin Halpern & Patrick Schumacker

  Summary: Jules decides that her heart is no longer in the real estate business. Meanwhile, Bobby discovers his dream job selling premade burgers from a truck. Unfortunately, Bobby's Burger Truck proves the perfect opportunity for Ellie to be rude to strangers. Laurie and Travis act like "art snobs" until Andy puts them in their place.

Restless.jpg   "Restless"
  Aired: Feb. 12, 2013
  Directed by: Courteney Cox - Written by: Austen Faggen

  Summary: Jules can't find a remedy for her insomnia. Grayson gets injured in a roller hockey game. Ellie makes herself scarce when Andy is feeling especially amorous around Valentine's Day and wants to cash in a large number of "sex coupons" she had given him in the past.

Flirting With Time.jpg   "Flirting With Time"
  Aired: Feb. 19, 2013
  Directed by: Courteney Cox - Written by: Blake McCormick

  Summary: With Grayson's house on the market, the cul-de-sac crew waste little time judging their potential neighbors, which conjures up memories of the time when Jules and Bobby moved in. Meanwhile, Wade returns from Afghanistan earlier than expected, stirring mixed emotions in Laurie when he becomes too clingy.

You and I Will Meet Again.jpg   "You and I Will Meet Again"
  Aired: Feb. 26, 2013
  Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Peter Saji

  Summary: Laurie and Wade decide to move in together, but breaking the news to Travis doesn't go as planned. Tom becomes Jules' personal cheerleader after losing his "new guy" status. Jules and Grayson have a naked day that turns out to be anything but sexy.

Make It Better.jpg   "Make It Better"
  Aired: Mar. 5, 2013
  Directed by: Courteney Cox - Written by: Rachel Specter & Audrey Wauchope

  Summary: Jules' dad, Chick, spends some time at her house while recovering from an injury. During his stay, Jules experiences extreme pain from a kidney stone, but she's too stubborn to let her dad know. Bobby and Grayson attempt to teach Travis how to be a "playa." This appears to put off Laurie, who calls one of Travis' targets a "skank" while Wade is with her. Wade concludes that Laurie is too hung up on Travis to continue their relationship.

You Tell Me.jpg   "You Tell Me"
  Aired: Mar. 12, 2013
  Directed by: Michael McDonald - Written by: Brad Morris & Emily Wilson

  Summary: Confused by her mixed feelings for Travis, Laurie resorts to destroying things, but when her anger gets out of control, newly appointed mayor Andy has to step in. Jules starts hanging out with her therapist after discovering that her friends have been keeping secrets, and Bobby has a fling with the girl of his dreams (Gillian Vigman) while enjoying a vacation at Target with Travis.

Saving Grace.jpg   "Saving Grace"
  Aired: Mar. 19, 2013
  Directed by: Michael McDonald - Written by: Blake McCormick

  Summary: Jules is disappointed by Grayson's lack of faith; Grayson signs up the gang for a dodgeball game; Travis and Andy try to set up Bobby on a date with his new friend; and Ellie is worried that Andy doesn't find her attractive anymore.

This Old Town.jpg   "This Old Town"
  Aired: Mar. 26, 2013
  Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Melody Derloshon

  Summary: An elderly couple, Ann and Norman McCormack, buy Grayson's old house after Jules promises them that they will all spend time together. Forced to hang out with the McCormacks, Ellie, Jules and Grayson soon discover that there are many perks to being old. Meanwhile, when another one of Bobby's get-rich-quick schemes doesn't pan out, he tries to switch up his luck by renaming his boat, and Travis searches for the perfect partner to win a high-stakes penny can game.

The Criminal Kind.jpg   "The Criminal Kind"
  Aired: Apr. 2, 2013
  Directed by: Randall Keenan Winston - Written by: Sean Lavery

  Summary: Inspired by The Breakfast Club, the Cul-De-Sac Crew offers insight into their innermost thoughts through voice-overs. Grayson is crushed after discovering some harsh reviews of Gray's Tavern on Yelp, and Jules goes to extremes to prove she's not a goody-two-shoes, ultimately landing herself in grocery store jail.

Don't Fade on Me.jpg   "Don't Fade on Me"
  Aired: Apr. 9, 2013
  Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Melody Derloshon & Blake McCormick

  Summary: Chick comes to house-sit while the gang goes on vacation. But when Jules discovers that her father hasn't been to the doctor in years, she insists on taking him. Laurie and Travis go on their first date together as a couple, and Bobby is crushed to discover that Dog Travis is just using him for food.

Have Love Will Travel.jpg   "Have Love Will Travel"
  Aired: Apr. 9, 2013
  Directed by: John Putch - Written by: Mary Fitzgerald & Peter Saji

  Summary: After discovering that Chick has health issues, the gang decides to take him to Hollywood. The gang try to set up an evening in order for Chick to spend some quality time with one of his favorite stars, Tippi Hedren. Meanwhile, Laurie and Travis try carefully to set up the perfect first kiss, and Andy is upset to discover that no one recognizes him as Latino.