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"Something Big"
Season Three, Episode Six
Directed by Michael McDonald
Written by Gregg Mettler
Air Date - March 20, 2012 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: You know what would be cooler than this title card bit? A new title.
Previous Episode: A One Story Town
Next Episode: You Can Still Change Your Mind
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Grayson runs into an old flame and discovers he's the father of her child.

Guest Starring


  • "The Streets" by Avalanche City
  • "Time By a Side" by The Law
  • "Grayson's Surf Song" by Grayson


Season Three Episodes

1. "Ain’t Love Strange"
2. "A Mind With a Heart of Its Own"
3. "Lover's Touch"
4. "Full Moon Fever"
5. "A One Story Town"

6. "Something Big"
7. "You Can Still Change Your Mind"
8. "Ways To Be Wicked"
9. "Money Becomes King"
10. "Southern Accents"

11. "Down South"
12. "Square One"
13. "It'll All Work Out"
14/15. "My Life/Your World"


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