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Square One.jpg "Square One"
Season Three, Episode Twelve
Directed by Courteney Cox
Written by Peter Saji
Air Date - May 15, 2012 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: Welcome to Cougarton Abbey
Previous Episode: Down South
Next Episode: It'll All Work Out
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Jules and Grayson are afraid to make the same mistakes of their past relationships; Ellie and Laurie fight over who's the sexiest between them; Bobby enters a "white shirt challenge" with Jules.

Guest Starring[]


  • "Born to Cry" by Devin
  • "Too Soon" by Devin
  • "King of Diamonds" by Motopony
  • "Let's Go Back" by Moon Taxi
  • "Clementine" by Sarah Jaffe
  • "Quiet Night In" by All the Young


Welcome to Cougarton Abbey

  • The "Cougarton Abbey" title card bit is a reference to the Season Three Community premiere, where Abed discovered that Cougar Town is an adaptation of a 1990s (fictitious) British sitcom, Cougarton Abbey. However, Cougarton Abbey only ran for six episodes before being cancelled.[1]
  • Courteney Cox's real-life daughter Coco Riley Arquette has a small cameo as a little girl eating chocolate ice cream while passing by Andy and Bobby.
  • To decide who's messier, Jules and Bobby initiate the "white shirt challenge": first one to have a stain on their shirt looses, no napkins, no mercy. Bobby wins after Grayson accidentally spills a glass of red wine on Jules.
  • Jules hates using sounds in place of words.
  • To discover who is "better at sex", Ellie and Laurie comply lists of sexual partners, find a common partner and ask him who was better. The common partner was Vincent "Vinny" Hawthorne, who awarded the title to Ellie because of her spontaneity.
  • "Cake walk" now means something really difficult.
  • Grayson and others begin walking a lap around the house when upset.

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