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Stan Torres
Stan Torres.jpg
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance Ongoing
Full Name Stanley "Stan" Hector Torres
Nicknames Demon Child,
Relatives Andy Torres (Father)
Ellie Torres (Mother)
Angela Torres (Paternal Aunt)
Nestor Torres (Paternal Uncle)
Sam (Maternal Uncle),
Stan Torres (Paternal Grandfather, deceased)
Betsy (Maternal Grandmother),
Portrayed by  Griffin Kunitz, formerly Sawyer Ever and Christopher & Zachary Randazzo

Stan is the only child of Ellie Torres and Andy Torres. In the new season on TBS, he was portrayed by Sawyer Ever, Christopher and Zachary Randazzo and Griffin Kunitz.


Stanley Torres was born in 2009. He was named after his paternal grandfather who passed away shortly before his birth.[1] Although Ellie is a stay-at-home mother, Stan does have a nanny.

Recently Stan has begun acting out, terrorizing his parents, and becoming very similar to Laurie.[2]


  • Stan's first word was "Bobby".
  • Stan's middle name is Hector.[3]
  • Stan is named after his paternal grandfather who passed away a week before his birth. Stan's name would have been Spencer if his grandfather wouldn't have passed away.[4]
  • After hearing Stan's name, Laurie asked Ellie if her baby was 60.