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Stop Dragging My Heart Around.jpg "Stop Dragging My Heart Around"
Season One, Episode Thirteen
Directed by Michael McDonald
Written by Mara Brock Akil
Air Date - January 20, 2010 on ABC
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In the aftermath of her breakup with Jeff, Jules turns to Bobby for some solace. When a bottle of wine leads to a passionate kiss, will they both agree it was casual and meaningless? Meanwhile, Laurie discovers a common thread between Jules and Grayson, and Travis' plans for a night with girlfriend Kylie don't go exactly as planned.


Guest Starring[]


  • Shine On by Nick Howard


  • Grayson and Laurie sleep together again.
  • Travis loses his virginity to Kylie.
  • Jules and Bobby sleep together again. Bobby assumes this means they are getting back together.
  • During the scene where Travis asks for advice from Jules and Bobby, we can see an episode of Scrubs (Season 8, Episode 2 My Last Words) playing on the televison set in the background.

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