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The Criminal Kind.jpg "The Criminal Kind"
Season Four, Episode Thirteen
Directed by Randall Keenan Winston
Written by Sean Lavery
Air Date - April 2, 2013 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: Welcome to [title] John Hughes is a God.
Previous Episode: This Old Town
Next Episode: Don't Fade on Me
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Inspired by the 1985 classic The Breakfast Club, the Cul-De-Sac Crew offers insight into their innermost thoughts through voice-overs. Grayson is crushed after discovering some harsh reviews of Gray's Pub on Yelp, most of which target him personally. Jules goes to extreme lengths to prove she's not a goody-two-shoes, ultimately landing herself and her "accomplices" in grocery store jail. Laurie finally tells Travis that she "really likes" him.

Guest Starring[]


  • "Don’t You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds


  • The Cul-de-Sac Crew shares their criminal pasts:
    • Laurie's been arrested numerous times: once for impersonating a cop, once for assaulting a cop, and once for trying to have sex with a cop (which is called a 1069).
    • Ellie stole a crate full of vodka when she was 16.
    • Grayson was busted for being a male escort; no sex, just over the clothes stuff.
    • Bobby shot someone, but he didn't die.
  • Ellie writes down the date of when she agrees with Laurie, Tuesday April 2nd, the day this episode premiered.
  • When Laurie was 14, she was waterboarded.
  • Ellie writes mean reviews on Yelp under the handle PrincessBridezilla.
  • With people Andy is close, he is an empath.
  • Sympatence is sympathy impotence.

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