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This Old Town.jpg
"This Old Town"
Season Four, Episode Twelve
Directed by John Putch
Written by Melody Derloshon
Air Date - March 26, 2013 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: Welcome to [title] Call your mom, tell her you love her. We're trying to do something positive with these.
Previous Episode: Saving Grace
Next Episode: The Criminal Kind
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An elderly couple, Ann and Norman McCormack, buy Grayson's old house after Jules promises them that they will all spend time together. Forced to hang out with the McCormacks, Ellie, Jules and Grayson soon discover that there are many perks to being old. Meanwhile, when another one of Bobby's get-rich-quick schemes doesn't pan out, he tries to switch up his luck by renaming his boat, and Travis searches for the perfect partner to win a high-stakes penny can game.

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  • Tinging a glass is now done whenever one wants attention.
  • Laurie has been pronounced dead three times: once drowning while surfing, once she bled out, and once a glowstick exploded in her mouth at a rave.
  • Ellie called permanent shotgun in Jules car eight years ago.
  • Bobby hates Tuesdays.
  • Bobby's twin brother, Donny Cobb, died in the womb on a Tuesday.
  • Laurie and Travis rename the Jealous Much? into The Sea Story.

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