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Two Gunslingers.jpg "Two Gunslingers"
Season One, Episode Eight
Directed by Phil Traill
Written by Mary Fitzgerald
Air Date - November 18, 2009 on ABC
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Ellie and Laurie threaten to ruin Jules' birthday vacation because they refuse to get along. Back at home, Travis plays a trick on Grayson after he breaks up a visit from a female companion.


Guest Starring[]



  • Bobby (Brian Van Holt) does not appear in this episode.
  • At the beach, Jules plays a game with Laurie and Ellie where she says numbers in increasing order to which Laurie and Ellie are supposed to stop her when she reaches an age she might pass for. When Jules reaches 36 and they still haven't interrupted, Jules states that it's a stupid game and stops playing. This is a reference to when Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke) played the same game in Season 8 of Scrubs.

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