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Walls.jpg "Walls"
Season Two, Episode Fifteen
Directed by Bill Lawrence
Written by Sean Lavery
Air Date - April 18, 2011 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: We're Back! [title] (Hi Dance Fans, Please Still Be There...)
Previous Episode: Cry to Me
Next Episode: Baby's a Rock 'N' Roller
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Once again Jules chooses to get too involved in Travis' life. Ellie decides to step in and tell Jules it's time to stop being so clingy. Meanwhile, Bobby and Laurie partner up to bring Penny Can to the masses and Andy teaches Grayson a lesson in friendship.


Guest Starring[]


  • "Right Time" by Brian Ellefson
  • "Girl" by Brian Ellefson
  • "I'm Into You" by Eric Scott
  • "Carousel (of Love)" by Marte Wulff
  • "If You Love Me" by Valley Lodge
  • "Photosynthesis" by Tyler Lane


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