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You're Gonna Get It!.jpg "You're Gonna Get It!"
Season Two, Episode Seventeen
Directed by Michael McDonald
Written by Michael McDonald
Air Date - April 27, 2011 on ABC
Opening Sequence Subtitle: Welcome to [title], (Follow @TheLarmy right now and thank us later)
Previous Episode: Baby's a Rock 'N' Roller
Next Episode: Lonesome Sundown
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When Bobby leaves his lucky golf visor behind on the eve of his big professional golf tournament, Jules sends Travis along with the cap to look after his dad and Andy. Meanwhile, Jules tries to overcome her biggest fear - public humiliation - and Ellie and Grayson are astounded at how good Laurie is at a game of trivia.


Guest Starring[]


  • "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People
  • "The Radio" by Bobby Hartry


  • Laurie's Twitter name is revealed: "TheLarmy", short for The Laurie's Army.
  • Gray's Pub introduces an electronic trivia game.
  • Courteney Cox's actual daughter Coco Arquette has a small part as a classroom extra.
  • Jules has long been mistaken about several lines of the Pledge of Allegiance, including "for Richard Stands" and "one nation, under God invisible."
  • Barb's life coach is named Kenny.
  • Bobby receives the nickname "Wrong Balls".

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